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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Foodie Sketchbook

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 Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook, Uni-ball Vision pen, Daniel Smith Watercolors, Golden Fluid Acrylics and W&N Gouache.

This piece is a veritable water-media extravaganza! I was set on giving the Alpha a thorough work out to see how well the paper stood up to multiple wet media and it was wonderful! What a joy to work on, no worrying about wrinkling, bleeding through or the surface of the paper becoming mushy or abraded.

So here we have a Luna Di Luna bottle, a wine I recently bought (for the beautiful color of the bottle and the nice label design LOL) and discovered it's also a really nice wine, a Chardonnay/Pinot Greigo blend.

Same S&B Alpha sketchbook with Uni-ball Vision Pen, DS watercolors, and a bit of W&N Gouache.

The point of this sketchbook is food, with its interesting textures and wonderful colors and it's also a celebration of the interesting and fun places we meet with others to share a meal. Even though we sometimes eat left overs alone in our own kitchen food is still an ordinary blessing we give thanks for each day.

S&B Alpha, pencil and DS watercolors.

We've had such wonderful, unseasonably warm March weather last week end my daughter and I drove up to an orchard about 45 min. north of us and got lunch and sat out side on their picnic benches to share our first al fresco lunch of the year. We also brought home and incredibly delicious maple walnut apple pie for the rest of the family.

S&B Alpha, Uni-ball Vision pen, DS watercolors.

Savvy Tea Shop is a favorite place for my daughter and I. After bringing four of her pastel paintings to a review for a possible scholarship we waited at the tea shop enjoying lunch and the charming atmosphere.


Luna Di Luna said...

great sketch. I came across your website and saw your sketch. We appreicate it here at Luna Di Luna. We posted a link on our facebook and twitter to show apprecaition. Follow us and like us. Thanks!

Luna Di Luna said...

We ran across your blog and saw your sketch of our Luna Di Luna Chardonnay Pinot Grigio. we apprecaite it. We shared it with our friends on facebook and twitter. Thanks again!