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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Playing with Gouache

I took some time today to get better acquainted with my Yarka Gouache. The chimnea is handled more like an illustration, flat areas of bold color, with black accent lines. If I ever illustrate a book I think I would choose to do it in gouache. This one was done in the moleskine. The Begonias in the pot a are handled more lik a watercolor and were done in my Lama Li watercolor journal which has handmade 100% rag paper. The strawflowers were approached just like I would an oil painting and was done on multi-media board. The gouache is turning out to be very flexible and a lot of fun!


Mary said...

Gorgeous work using gouache and a delightful blog.

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for visiting, glad you like the blog! I just popped over to your blog you have many lovely things going on there! Goodness 8 cats on the roof! I have a border collie and she's a herder too plus she hates cats LOL.