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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Classical Bust

I've never had instruction in drawing the human head or painting portraits. Well I'll revise that we did learn how to draw the human head in the first 2 weeks of drawing 101 in college, but that was it. Since I've never really had any interest in painting portraits it's a skill I've never developed. But I have this friend Marc who's a teriffic artist and works in the classical style and he says that an artist should be able to draw or paint anything. He's also a cracker jack sculptor and paints in several mediums. Humpf!! Now I have it in my head that I need to slay this dragon!! To that end I bought this faux classical bust at Homegoods for $10.00 a couple of months ago. She will be my uncomplaining model who can stay still for forever while I noodle away at getting eyes and nose and mouth drawn correctly. So this is the first attempt. It took a long time and was hard work! It doesn't really look all that much like the statue LOL I hope next time it's a little easier!! 2H pencil in a Canson 9x12 black hardback sketchbook. The blue is a Pitt brushpen,the blue from the landscape set.

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