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Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1st in the Garden

It was perfect day for sketching in the garden! I took almost the whole day to look, draw,paint and just enjoy being in the garden on a perfect day. The peonies are in full bloom and are so frilly and voluptuous!! The iris come in a close second! The page with the color swatches was an exercise in color mixing. I sat in the shade and looked out into the garden and picked a color an then tried to match it as nearly as I could. So those are some of the colors I saw in the garden today. On the opposite page I wrote about the day...

"An exqusite day! The fog and mist of the morning has burned off. The sun is glowing and warm, a slight breeze cools things. The peonies, iris, roses, salvia, geraniums are all in full bloom. The air is still and warm...bird song~ cardinal, mourning dove, wren, chickadee, even the crow sounds beautiful today. Inchworms swing in the breeze on their silky cords, the bees romance the flowers, butterflies linger onver nectar, the dog lies in the shade. There is a sweet stillness to this long, slow moment. Right now everything is as it should be on June 1st."

All of these sketches are done with uniball vision pen (black) yarka watercolors (10 pan set) in the large moleskine.

To see more of the garden visit my Flower-a-Day project at Art&Life.


Anonymous said...

Your sketches are great! I've never seen the Yarka 10 pan set...where did you buy them? I have been wanting to try Yarka, but didn't want to buy the 24 set.

Jan Blencowe said...

I found the Yarka 10 pan set at a local art store and bought 2 there and then came across them at AC Moore craft store and bought another. I'd never seen the 10 pan set before either, they cost approx. $4.00. I've seen a 12 pan set at also.