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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flowers in the Sketchbook

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 Golden Fluid Acrylics, Alpha Series Stillman & Birn sketchbook

Golden Fluid Acrylics, Alpha Series Stillman & Birn sketchbook

More birthday flowers as promised! OK, so I am blown away over how amazing the fluid acrylics are in this sketchbook. The paper took multiple layers, glaze, scumble, wash with no problem. I actually think it ripples less than when using watercolor, and it doesn't ripple much then.  Compared to the paper in the Beta, which is specifically for multimedia and is a heavier, (180 lb. compared to the 100lb in the Alpha) the paint moves more freely on the Alpha paper, less so on the Beta paper which is more absorbent. This means that with watercolor the paint soaks right in and leaves a brush mark, with acrylics the paint also soaks right in but as you continue to work you build up a layer of paint then it becomes much easier to move the acrylic around on top.

I really love heavy weight paper, so when I use my Beta series books for acrylic I will seal the paper with matte medium or gesso first and that will do the trick. When I use watercolor I'll simply plan on incorporating the brush marks into the paintings or stick with a very light wash. With markers I find a colorless blender helpful.

But back to the Alpha. I am so impressed with this paper, it's really standing up to everything I'm throwing at it. Gouache is next. If I could design a sketch-book's specifications I'd make one with the exact same kind of paper as in the Alpha (suitable for dry or wet) but just a little heavier, like 130-140 lb. 

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