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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


First there were websites, then blogs and now lenses! Yes, you guessed it there's a new craze taking over cyberspace! allows you to build a free "lens", a single page on the internet that allows you to share, links, photos, music, videos, on any topic you choose. I've built a lens in conjunction with, a site that I sometimes use to auction paintings. This single page hosts my bio, links to and describes all my blogs, shows examples of my artwork, and (if I can ever get the link to work!) links over to my auctions/sales at Art By Us. Pretty cool! One really neat thing is that RSS feeds will update automatically, so snippets of my latest posts from my blogs will be timely and allow you to simply click on the headline to switch over to the blog and read the whole thing. The other enticing thing about lenses is that they automatically come with relevant advertising and you can earn money automatically if purchases are made from your lens. You may have noticed the Squidoo logo over in the sidebar, it's that hideous orange thing LOL!! Please take a moment and visit my new lens and while your there, if you would be so kind, please rank my lens. A better rank means more exposure and better results on search engines, and I would appreciate that greatly. Also there's a guestbook where you can leave comments or ask questions. See you at Squidoo!!

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