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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lobster and American History

Today was my daughter's birthday! I dragged the poor thing to an art sale I was participating in to raise funds for three historic homes that are now museums. I painted in the colonial revival garden it was BEAUTIFUL!!. You can see that painting and read all about the fascinating history of the homes on my painting blog Art & Life. The sketch with the buildings is the back of one of the homes, the Webb House and part of the gardens. Since it was my daughters birthday I took her to a nearby Red Lobster restaurant for a birthday lunch of lobster tails!! The Webb House sketch was done with my new Faber-Castell India Ink brush pens, the landscape set, with the addition of a few Sarassa gel pens. Interestingly enough if I go over the gell pen with the Faber-Castell, the gel pen kind of liquifies and makes a wash of sorts. A very nice effect for blending and getting more colors. The Lobster and Pina Colada are uniball vision and Yarka watercolor. All in the large moleskine.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketches! I bought the yarka 10 pan at DickBlick and I like them a lot...I have been doing more sketching than oil painting because of the mosquitos...we just got another day of rain, so that means they will be worse! Grrr!

Katherine said...

Love the drawings of the pino colada and the lobster! Why didn't I have lobster tails for my birthday when i was a kid - I'm now feeling very deprived! ;)

Jan Blencowe said...


Well I can relate to the mosquitoes!! I painted yesterday in a garden on the grounds of an historic home and ther mosquitoes were bloodthirsty!!! Glad you found the yarka's they're a nice paint!


Jan Blencowe said...


I see your comment made it here! Blogger is so finicky sometimes!! Don't feel deprived I had to do something for my daughter, I dragged her to yet another art event and she had to endure the mosquitoes and rain showers while reading her book (a mystery about a stolen Vermeer) and listening to her ipod while I painted. So I thought the least I could do was bribe her with a special lunch LOL.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have noticed it or it's just me, but the moleskine sketchbook takes the yarka wc's better than other brands...I have windsor & newton and van gogh wc's and they don't work as well as the yarka...just my two cents!

Keep on sketching!

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Debbie,

I have definitely noticed the same thing, the Yarkas take better on the moleskine paper, especially if you control how much water you use to thin the paint, The less water the better!