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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Doing the Bunny Hop

I've already told you that animals don't like to be stared at particularly animals that are stared at and eaten by predators in the wild Such would be Rosie's lot if she weren't a house rabbit!! I went down to sketch her just as she was finishing her afternoon snack of early first cut western timothy hay (this we have delivered in 25 lb boxes ) Then it was time for her to wash up. You may not know this but rabbits groom themselves just like cats do and Rosie is a particularly tidy bunny, so she was twisting and turning in the oddest contortions making sure she her fur was immaculte. Three pages of sketches in the canson 9x12 hardback sketchbook, cream colored paper, uniball vision pen and waltnut ink w/brush.

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