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Monday, January 16, 2006

Oriental Vase

I wish I could afford a real blue and white porcelain oriental vase! They are just so elegant in their shape and delicate decoration. This is a cheap imitation I bought recently with the intent of using it in floral still life set ups for oil painting. The shapes of these vased is always tricky to get right, especially the symmetry. After about 50-100 sketches I think I'll have a feel for it. These are just the beginning!

Charcoal, white conte and watercolor.

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Kathleen Marie said...

Jan, I like the way you used the charcoal and the watercolor together. I've been tempted to use more charcoal lately, in order to develop some richer blacks. This study is very nice, and yes, those vase studies can be challenging with all those ovals and symmetry. Great job!